Prices display mode

If products have discounts or custom prices, choose how to display them.

  • None: nothing is displayed.
  • Reduction: (discounts only) display the reduction applied to the corresponding booking duration. Custom prices will be displayed as “Price”.
  • Price: display the price applied to the corresponding date or booking duration.

Discounts mode

Two dates selection only.

Choose how to apply discounts/surcharges.

  • Normal: Only the discount corresponding to the selected duration is applied.
  • Cumulative: All discounts available until the selected duration are applied.


Two dates selection only.

These discounts/surcharges are applied to all products and variations but you can override them at product level.

Click the “Add” button to set up a new discount or surcharge:

  • Action: discount or surcharge.
  • Type:
    • Percentage discount/surcharge.
    • Fixed amount subtracted/added per day.
    • Fixed amount subtracted/added on total booking price.
  • Amount: discount or surcharge amount.
  • From: number of blocks (see booking duration) to start applying discount/surcharge.
  • To: number of blocks (see booking duration) to stop applying discount/surcharge. Leave 0 or empty to set no limitation.

“From” and “To” depend on booking duration. For example, if you have a 7 days booking duration and “From” is set to 2, the discount will start at 14 days.