Availability management

If stock management is enabled, Easy Booking will automatically manage product availability per date, preventing customers from booking unavailable dates.

Options to set an unavailability period after a booking and to display the stock for each date to your customers.

Track product availability from your dashboard.

Disabled days, dates or dateranges

Is your shop closed on Sundays or January 1st? Or you need to make your appartement unavailable in August?

With Easy Booking PRO, you can disable days, dates or dateranges for all products or specific products.

Dates can be disabled for start date/end date, or both, and you can choose to disable them only for check-in/check-out.

Duration discounts or surcharges

Do you want to encourage customers to book for longer periods by offering a 10% discount for 3+ weeks bookings? Or reduce price of the first 2 days?

Use Easy Booking PRO to set percentage or fixed discounts/surcharges depending on selected booking duration, applied to specific products or all of them.

Prices depending on days, dates or dateranges

Do you need to define different prices for high and low season? Or increase price on public holidays?

Easy Booking PRO allows you to set advanced pricing rules for each product depending on selected days, dates or dateranges.

It can be combined with duration discounts and surcharges to match any pricing plan you might have.

Manually import bookings

Do you rent your products on other platforms or accept bookings by phone? Easily add them to Easy Booking from your administration panel (one by one or with a CSV file) without creating orders.

Easy Booking PRO will automatically manage availability.