Terms and conditions

The seller

The seller refers to auto-entrepreneur Natacha Lavail, whose headquarters are located 182 Route des Meunières, 38660 Plateau-Des-Petites-Roches in France.

The website

The website refers to the online store https://easy-booking.pro.

The buyer or the client

The buyer (or client) refers to any physical or legal entity willing to purchase a product or service on the website.


These terms and conditions aim to define contractual relationships between Natacha Lavail and the buyer, as well as applicable conditions to any purchase made on the online store https://easy-booking.pro, whether the buyer be a professional or a customer.

By buying a product or service on the website, the buyer fully consents to these terms and conditions.

Natacha Lavail keeps the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. The applicable conditions are those in effect on the day the purchase is made by the buyer.

Offered products and services

Offered products and services are those shown on the website. Each product comes with a description.


Prices shown on the website are in euros.

Prices are tax-free as VAT is not applicable to the company attached to the website.

Reverse Charge VAT may be applicable for the buyer.

Natacha Lavail keeps the right to modify these prices at any time. In accordance with the law, she does not modify prices once the order is made and validated by the buyer. Products will be charged with the price applicable at checkout.


The buyer can, if they have one, use a coupon. It must be used on the “Checkout” page, before placing the order. A coupon cannot be used once the order is validated.


To purchase a product, the buyer will proceed as the following:

  • Add the product(s) to cart
  • Log in or create an account on the website
  • Fill in their billing address
  • Pay with Paypal or Stripe

Once the payment is received, the order is validated. Natacha Lavail keeps the right to reject or cancel any order because of payment issues.

By checking the “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions”, the buyer fully accepts these terms and conditions.

Data saved by the website are considered evidence of the transactions between the seller and the buyer.


Payment is exigible immediately and is made at checkout.

Products and services remain the property of the seller, until definitive and integral payment from the buyer.

Payment must be done by credit card (Stripe) or via Paypal.

Transmission of the buyer’s bank details are made directly on Stripe or Paypal website, and is secured (SSL encryption). Buyer’s bank details, which will be asked for each order, are only kept during the payment process and are destroyed afterwards. The website does not see or keep these data.


After any order made on the website, the buyer has 14 days from the order date to ask for a refund if they are not satisfied. No refund will be made after 14 days.

Download permissions and license keys of refunded products will be deleted and won’t be usable anymore. No support or update will be provided once a refund is made.

License keys

Some products or services sold on the website require a license key for support and updates.

The license key is sent to the buyer by email once the payment is received. The license key is also stored by the website and the buyer can find it under the “My account” section of the website. It will be required and asked for any support request or update.

A license key is strictly personal, and must not be shared or sold. A license key is valid for one (1) year from the payment date. If a license key is not renewed after one (1) year, the buyer can still use the product without support or updates.

Users of old add-ons who have purchased products with the coupon code PRO_UPGRADE have an “infinite” license key which doesn’t need to be renewed every year.

The buyer will have access to a 25% off coupon code to renew their license before it expires. This coupon is stricly personal, and must not be shared or sold. The coupon must be used before the license expires.

Support and updates

Some products or services sold on the website require a valid license key for support and updates.

Support does not include conflict resolution with third-party themes or extensions, nor the development of new features. Natacha Lavail keeps the right to decline any feature or compatibility with third-party themes or plugins request.

Support won’t be provided if the buyer modifies the product.

Natacha Lavail keeps the right to stop maintaining services at any time, in which case the client will be informed on the website. Support and updates will be provided until the license key expires or for one (1) year after the client has been informed for “Infinite” licenses.


Natacha Lavail cannot be held responsible, towards a member or a third party person, for any indirect damage, establishment, data, profit or revenue loss, occured in any way, even if this damage or loss was predictable by the buyer, or if this eventuality was brought to her attention.

Natacha Lavail cannot be held responsible for any damage occured from using the Internet network, such as data loss, intrusion, virus, service loss, or any other unintentional issues.

Natacha Lavail responsibility will be, in any case, limited to the order amount.

Intellectual property

Products sold on the website are under GPL V3 license.

Any text, illustration and image present on the website are the intellectual and exclusive property of Natacha Lavail. Any total or partial reproduction is strictly forbidden.

Data protection act

Natacha Lavail collects and stores nominative data provided by the buyer for legal purposes, order processing and invoices.

In accordance with the law « informatique et libertés » from January 6th 1978, the buyer has a right to access, modify or delete any information concerning them.

To do so, the buyer can modify any information concerning them under the “My account” section of the website.

The buyer can ask for the deletion of their account and associated data at any time, by sending an email to contact[at]easy-booking.me.

Applicable law

These terms of use are governed by the French law.

They have been translated to English for informative purposes only, the original French ones available here.