Product settings

Whichever multilingual plugin you use, product booking settings should always be copied between different languages, including:

  • Bookable (_bookable)
  • Number of dates to select (_number_of_dates)
  • Booking duration (_booking_duration)
  • Minimum booking duration (_booking_min)
  • Maximum booking duration (_booking_max)
  • First available date (_first_available_date)
  • (Pro) Disabled dates (_wceb_product_disabled_dates)
  • (Pro) Discounts or surcharges (_wceb_product_discounts)
  • (Pro) Booking prices (_wceb_product_prices)
  • (Pro) Availability (_wceb_product_booked_dates)

It should be copied by default. If not, please refer to the multilingual plugin documentation.


It usually requires adding some code if you want availability to be automatically updated between different translations.

It depends on the multilingual plugin you use and how you set up translations (duplicates or not).

Please send an email if you have issues with translations using a multilingual plugin, as I don’t have a concrete solution for the moment and it needs to be handled case by case.