Booking statuses

Booking statuses are for information and organization purposes only, and are not related to WooCommerce order statuses.

They follow this pattern:

  • Pending: Booking hasn’t started yet.
  • Start: Booking starts. If you need time to prepare or deliver your items, keep this status a few days before the actual booking start date.
  • Processing…
  • End: Booking ends. If you need time to retrieve or prepare your items for another booking, keep this status a few days after the actual booking end date.
  • Completed: Booking is over.

You can choose to change them manually or automatically and then easily track your bookings in the “Reports” page.

When “Automatically” is selected, Easy Booking uses WordPress CRON to change booking statuses. This means the function is only triggered when someone visits your website at a certain time and is not 100% reliable. If you notice incorrect booking statuses, go to Easy Booking > Tools and Initialize booking statuses.

To manually change an item booking status, go to the corresponding order page and click on “Edit item”. You might need to change order status to be able to edit order items.