Migrate to PRO

If you have at least one add-on (Availability Check, Duration Discounts, Disable Dates or Pricing) you can migrate to Easy Booking PRO for free.

Make sure to read the whole page carefully before proceeding.

Old add-ons are not updated or supported anymore since December 31st, 2021. They have been replaced by Easy Booking PRO, which regroups all features from add-ons and won’t change anything for you (you could get extra features). The migration is free.

If you want more information about Easy Booking PRO, please check this page.

1. Update Easy Booking to 3.0

If not already done, update Easy Booking to version 3.0. Easy Booking PRO is not compatible with older versions of Easy Booking.

Once the latest version is installed, make sure to use the “Update database” tool in Easy Booking > Tools.

2. Get Easy Booking PRO

Purchase Easy Booking PRO using the add to cart link below.
A 79€ discount should be automatically applied. If not, use the code PRO_UPGRADE in cart.

> Add to cart for 0€

During checkout, don’t forget to enter your current license key, otherwise the coupon will not work. If you have several license keys because you bought several add-ons, pick one of them.

After completing your order, you will be able to download Easy Booking PRO and you will also get a new license key.

Wait, I didn’t have to renew the license of old add-ons, but now I have to for Easy Booking PRO?

No, this is for new users only. People who had old add-ons will continue to get support and updates after a year without having to renew the license key. You’ll find more information in the terms and conditions.

3. Make backups and/or use a staging site

If you have a staging site, use it to install Easy Booking PRO and do the migration to see if everything goes well and if you don’t loose any data. Then you can do the migration on your live website.

Make sure you have sufficient backups (of your website and database) before migrating so you can go back if necessary.

Everything has been tested several times, and you should get your data back as it was, but it’s better to be careful. Biggest changes concerned by the migration are: disabled dates, discounts and prices. Be particularly careful if you have a lot of things saved there.

4. Deactivate add-ons and install Easy Booking PRO

First, deactivate all add-ons but don’t uninstall them yet (it would delete the settings saved in the database). Then, install Easy Booking PRO and activate it.

5. Migrate data

Once Easy Booking PRO is installed and activated, go to Easy Booking > Tools and click on “Migrate to PRO”. It could take a moment if you have a lot of data (orders, products, discounts, disabled dates…) but overall it should be fast.

Last, go to Easy Booking > Settings > Appearance and click on “Save changes” in order to regenerate CSS files.

6. Deprecated action hooks and filters

Names of most action and filter hooks from add-ons have changed (but they work the same) and old ones are not compatible anymore. If you use any of the filter/action hooks below to customize Easy Booking (mostly in your theme functions.php), make sure to update them.

If you have issues, please contact me with the functions you use and I’ll help you update them.



Action hooks


7. The end

Now you can make sure that your settings have been correctly migrated and that everything works as expected. Remember to clear your browser cache in order to load new files.

If you are happy, you can uninstall old add-ons. And if you have issues with migration, please contact me. I hope everything went well! Thanks for your support to Easy Booking.